Hando Aguilar’s daring and progressively amazing new song “Fifty-Fifty” brings unconstrained originality to contemporary melodies with a magnificent piece of music composed of notably unique, characterful soundscapes throughout the entire track. All formats of “Fifty-Fifty” are now available.

Hando Aguilar is an electronic and acoustic music producer that works out of his bedroom. He concentrates on mental illness and loneliness in his lyrics. He has mastered the art of not caring what other people think.

With this wonderfully meandering, concise, yet powerful new piece of music, Hando Aguilar, a producer, and musician who drives with a distinct sense of originality and creative freedom, more than lives up to the implied unpredictability of his name.

“Fifty-Fifty” is raised, and the vibe is immediately energizing – the colors and building blocks harken back to the eighties’ retro synths and electronic sound-play while still enveloping listeners in a light-hearted yet unavoidably addictive loop of warmth and catchy melody. 

It continues to build in intensity throughout, immersing listeners deeper and deeper into this gorgeously euphoric paradise of synths and pure emotion. Hando Aguilar’s style is simple, allowing things to remain rooted in the present while still allowing them to go forward. This balance is achieved successfully throughout the piece.

Even though it is modern in design, that yesteryear flavor unquestionably sticks out – allowing for the release of an essentially timeless and weighty degree of presence.

Hando Aguilar’s “Fifty-Fifty” is as imaginative as ever, but with a professional touch. To get the whole experience, turn up the volume on your speakers.

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