Ferry Corsten is a legend in his own right, who has made an indelible mark in the dance music scene throughout the course of his career. Disco Fries, a duo composed of Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic, have had a remarkable career thus far, previously working alongside the likes of Tiësto and Bingo Players, now join Ferry Corsten on “Love You Loud” with Leon Stanford on vocals.

The LPs focus single, “Love You Loud,” is the result of a new, unpredicted connection via the tech world, as fate would bring them together over respective projects in the Web3 space.

“Love You Loud” embarks on a prominent key melody introducing singer/songwriter Leon Stanford’s harmonized stylistic vocals over a rhythmic kick and swiftly navigating into a dynamic build. Corsten and Disco Fries each create an anthemic arrangement, lifting this song into the heavens with ethereal progressions.

“Working with Ferry Corsten has been a dream come true for us. Growing up on Ferry’s music and now working with him on a record is super special for us, let alone this being one of the main singles from our ‘Another World’ album. Ferry jumped on ‘Love You Loud’ the minute we sent the initial idea we had, added his touch and took the production to a place we don’t normally go. That is always what you want out of a collaboration, to take the music to places you wouldn’t normally lean into.” – Disco Fries

“I loved the initial track idea from the first listen. I thought it had a strong hook and I instantly knew that I could bring my own style to it. I love Nick and Danny as Disco Fries due to their open mindedness and allowing me to approach their track in another direction. They are great guys and wonderful to work with. I’m excited to see how this track will go down live.” – Ferry Corsten

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