Throughout a melodically appealing tune, “Feels Like 90’s RnB” from Jonelle Glori’s duet with Skit P, classic RnB vibes with bass and keys-led warmth meet the story-telling of vintage hip hop.

Jonelle Glori is a Waukegan, Illinois-based singer, songwriter, poet, and performer. Jonelle Glori began recording herself and writing her own melodies and lyrics at the age of seven. Jonelle started recording and performing with a variety of musicians and music groups in the Chicagoland region when she was 16 years old. She has joined forces with a number of well-known award-winning producers and songwriters. 

With the classic soulful track “She Doesn’t Have To Know,” Jonelle Glori achieved her own notoriety. Jonelle has now gone on to perform for and with musicians like Lisa Raye, Da’ Brat, Slum Village, Dwele, Algebra Blessett, Eric Roberson, and others. Jonelle Glori has signed with Another Vision, an independent record company.

Jonelle Glori with Skit P balances the weight of early hip hop with the classic embrace of RnB throughout a tremendous and dynamic “Feels Like 90’s RnB” with superb production that lets the overwhelming passion and perfection of this soulfully engaging leading vocal draw you in quickly.

“Feels Like 90’s RnB” moves at a relaxed speed, slowly but steadily revealing a developing passion from the increasing details and Skit P’s rap vocal progression, before resolving unexpectedly at the halfway point, with a suddenly mesmerizing hook notion that sticks in your memory.

The record, which features flawless production and a brilliantly appealing vocal arrangement, speaks much about both skill and professionalism. It also establishes a core degree of identification, with the duo’s distinct voices meandering over the many melodies and flows with seamless ease and style.

Work ethic and passion unite, and the result is clear: a dedication to the art form, intention and depth, and commitment on the mic and in the studio.

Jonelle Glori and Skit P deliver a timeless, memorable story about the era while also shining a focus on a lot of similarly expressive, creative pals. It’s essential to be aware of this

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