The consistently impressive and unique artist D2.GBK returns, with superbly manic and captivating music to accompany the distorted and riff-heavy mind-bender that is Feelings Freestyle. Everything about this track is big, not least of all that immensely addictive, rap-infused hook. 

D2.GBK is a young, awesome, and well-talented soul who is from Ireland. There’s never any question as to the level of creativity that shines through in the music of D2.GBK. The production is immaculate, as is always the case, so the only thing to really be considered is the effectiveness of the scene and the sound, at which point you realize there is really nothing here to consider or question at all. The music fills every void as you listen. Effective is an understatement, and once again you realize why it is that you return to the World Of D2.GBK sound, again and again.

The music has the potential to leave you feeling a little like something is missing from your life once the track has stopped. This effect is quite rare, and it’s a great one to have on an audience – inflicting upon listeners this undeniable desire to press play once again. There’s a feeling of safety in the sound, a comforting warmth that surrounds you as well.

The track undoubtedly has a very raw and organic sound to the recording, which, in all honesty, makes it all the more accessible and relevant. Among other things, it gives you plenty of space within which to really soak up that melody line and to try to grasp the array of unusual and utterly original lyrics and the ideas at which they are pointing with an awesome rap. There’s magnificent touch in these vocals, and the reflective nature of the lines and the thoughts expressed has a certain freshness to it that is not often heard in a lot of modern music.

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