In “Feeling Sum Way,” the simplicity of the approach lifts the melody and unique concept of the song just enough to allow it to stand out over the rest of the contemporary emo-rap landscape. Mark Royal of Virginia Beach successfully combines storytelling and production aspects to produce excellent outcomes.

Mark Royal makes his comeback with a melodic and expressive emo-rap single in an optimistic, aptly-titled piece of music that hits you emotionally hard. The artist establishes the mood and changes his flow throughout the song.

Without a doubt, the sound is modern, but it incorporates ineffective sound design and songwriting, allowing for the creation of an identity with relative ease.

During this time, Mark Royal weaves the plot using emo-rap vocal stylings that meander over the many parts of the almost four-minute duration. Things get intimate and poetic in small spurts but maintain a rhythmic appeal throughout until developing towards legitimately inspirational undertones.

In terms of lyricism, the tune is impressive. As a listener, you’re drawn in even further by the music’s effectively immersive production, as well as the vocal sound’s absolute perfection and piercing identity, among other things.

“Feeling Sum Way” balances the delicate nature of the arrangement with the unwavering dedication and presence of the voice, and it features a high-quality delivery from Mark Royal that is appropriately lively and energetic throughout.

Really well-crafted, a voice that’s in tune with the mood and concept, and a musicality that pays into the same goal. It is well crafted, striking, impressive, and somewhat simple in arrangement but a fine introduction. Hopefully, there’s plenty more creativity on the way.

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