“FEEL MY PAIN,” the latest single from Unjustified, starts off with a bang. From the start, you can hear this carefree marriage of melody and vocals. Even his tone of voice demonstrates a laid-back, distinctive style of performing – or, to put it another way, it proves a pure and unbridled love for the art form and this particular kind of music.

“FEEL MY PAIN” keeps the creative process at the heart of the musical journey and then adds some tremendously uplifting and poetic lyrics to the mix. 

Not that it’s necessary to make comparisons, but this feels like an even more stunning and nuanced piece than Unjustified previous offerings. 

So it should be — skill and hard effort combine to produce the most artistic and engaging products. Unjustified has a distinct style that he continually employs, as well as binding force and aim.

Unjustified breakthrough this season comes in the form of “FEEL MY PAIN,” a witty and completely enthralling new single from the artist. 

Unjustified, who has always been known for thinking a little deeper than the usual rapper or musician, takes his poetic and honest approach to new heights here. 

Every phrase entices you, even more, dragging you in deeper and forging stronger emotional bonds – to the point where a single listen is insufficient.

Unjustified flow improves as the song progresses; his lyrical delivery reaches an enthusiastic peak; the speed is fast, and you’ll be lucky if you catch every line the first time. The contrast between this and the effortless swagger of the hook, as well as the ambiance, makes for an excellent introduction to the song.

In many aspects, it reflects a style of writing. The clean finish and authenticity make for a beautiful way to end the night. Once you’ve gone into this single, you’ll notice that the artist does his thing.

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