Fast-rising rapper Luh Monie Huncho introduces this ethereal and intense new single, Feel My Flow, further mixing things up with yet another twist in the thread of modern rap.

The flow and rhythm of the delivery are intense yet varied and continuously recognized, with the delivery leading with clarity and character. Luh Monie Huncho has a distinct tone and personality, and each new section complements the increasing energy of the music with a new twist in vocal rhythm.

Luh Monie Huncho is a rapper hailing from St Louis, Missouri. His music is heavily influenced by the streets of his hometown, and he vividly tells stories of life in the hood in his lyrics. He has released two mixtapes to date, Hardaway Child and Hardaway Child Deluxe, and is currently working on his new album.

Feel My Flow kicks in with an eerie and atmospheric beat, which Luh Monie Huncho proceeds to ride with his signature style. The track is a perfect example of his unique approach to music, which often mixes together different genres and influences.

The track, which clocks in at 236 seconds, has a remarkably limitless production style, keeping things familiar with trap rhythms and upfront bass but finally bringing through a powerful presence with detail and nuances, pauses and starts, vocal fragments, and shifts in direction.

This is a rapper who is quickly making a name for himself with his inventive and exciting music. Be sure to check out Luh Monie Huncho’s latest release, and keep an ear out for what he does next.

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