London’s Prince D digs into the worlds of music and sound composition, striking a delicate balance among technical proficiency and undeniable enthusiasm. The results speak for themselves, and his latest song, Feel My Bass, serves as an excellent introduction to his body of work.

Prince D was born in London, England, but he spent most of his childhood in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in a neighborhood called Mattapan, where he learned the tricks of the trade of hip hop music, dance club grooves, and rap. He went to university to study Business Management. Still, he was also a party animal, going to nightclubs four nights a week but couldn’t handle the pressure and cut down to one night a week at a famous nightclub called Club 9, @ Nine Lansdowne street Boston, where he unveiled his music. Cus music is an important aspect of his life.

As Prince D’s new bass-heavy, mesmerizing, and slightly unsettling new song Feel My Bass emerges, its unique ambient, exciting sound design offers a beautiful view into the depths of the psyche.

Feel My Bass, which clocks in at a surprisingly lively four-forty-nine minute, has the makings of a major dancefloor classic. However, he decides to exhibit the creative undertones only for the proper timeline, one of several uncommon creative judgments made by Prince D.

Feel My Bass continues to throw in more than a few innovative curveballs. Finally, lifting the piece from sunset elegance to late-night excitement more than a bunch of times during its career and stylishly integrating recognized to be effective building blocks across club dance and hip hop equally.

Brilliant, familiar yet new, heartfelt yet electronically powerful, with a terrific lead from the twisted bass. A strong collective effort and an easy path to get lost in right now.

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