Have you ever thought about the power of music and what is it capable of? “Fearless of the Hero” is one of the powerful, amazing and attractive tracks that you will listen to this year by  Junya Komori (KJ Warriors’ Sound). Junya Komori is a music composer who lives in Japan. 

Music is vast, wide and it is a feeling at the same time. We are pretty sure you all will have goosebumps when you listen to this great, magnificent music. 

Junya Komori is a well-talented artist, who is always trying to do something unique and marvelous. Fearless of the Hero brings you a great soundscape and multi-instrument playing.

His Sound is Emotional, Powerful, Melodic and as listeners, we are unable to ignore his music as the audience. The interesting fact is he is progressing in his own way with his own talent and effort.

A calm, confident, soothing vibe, A huge amount of focus, and dedication are consistently clear. The ideas seem to span much further than the lines in the track allow,  a gorgeous effect. Junya Komori nicely and brilliantly shows his skills and capacity through this awesome track “Fearless of the Hero.”However, he is composing various styles and the tracks are not limited by certain genres as well.

On a musical level, the overall ambiance has the effect of sounding quite minimal – somehow the individual elements add all the power necessary to make the track feel like something immense. This track is beautiful. The emotion that comes forward through the music is incredible, the effect is sublime as well. The song has been presented in such a way that it just washes over you as you listen; relaxing you, reminding you of life, the world, feelings, thoughts. 

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