Rising from Warren, Ohio, 16-year-old D3 breaks through the static with his audacious new release, “Fck The Whole City”. The track heralds a fresh perspective in hip-hop, as D3’s pulsating beats and ingenious lyricism capture the essence of youthful rebellion and resolute determination.

The young artist’s talent shines, as he navigates complex rhythms and cadences, crafting a sonic narrative that resonates with the raw energy of his generation. “Fck The Whole City” defies conventions, propelling D3 to the forefront of hip-hop’s vanguard with his unapologetic expression and captivating musical style.

This bold composition is an anthem for those who dare to speak their truth, embodying D3’s distinctive artistic voice. Experience the innovative soundscape of “F*ck The Whole City”, a testament to D3’s boundless potential and an exciting glimpse into the future of hip-hop.

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