Mikkel Lassalle produces a fresh new sound with this incredible EPIC Guitar Solo Instrumental,” FAST EPIC GUITAR,” which intrigues from the start. He combines strong rock and metalcore riffs with intriguing solos. Mikkel Lassalle’s new song is a nostalgic and uplifting roar with distinct Rock, Metal, Guitar, Thrash, and Metalcore flavor.

Mikkel Lassalle Creates Instrumental Covers, Guitar Lessons, Collabs, Graphics, and more. He works as a Motion graphics artist and strives for aesthetic content who loves to play guitar, record, mix, and graphics. 

In Aarhus, Denmark, he is well known for his unmistakable Rock, Metal, Guitar, Thrash, Metalcore, and Instrumental recordings.

Starting with a cinematic intro and Leading with absolute creative freedom and undoubtedly impressive guitar work,  ” FAST EPIC GUITAR” is all at once an ambient Metalcore-inspired, cinematic wash of uprising and a hard-hitting rock anthem designed to really gear up a listener for whatever it is they’ve been putting off.

” FAST EPIC GUITAR” is a powerful piece of music that completely engulfs you, almost as if it were a lyrically directed song. The uprising energy at its core is undeniable, and this is what it resonates to within the listener.

Mikkel Lassalle’s freely meandering guitar rises passionately to downright intense and gritty from the peaceful beginning. It’s an undeniable performance that doesn’t just follow the rules or go where a solo might typically go.

Brilliant, an authentically unique twist on a classic genre, adventurous and intense, dramatic and engaging with live visuals; a joy to play and easily recognized at the end of the day. An excellent title for a powerful instrumental.

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