Stunning vocals emerge up front and personal for this crisp and seductive new single from rising artist Lottz. Featuring a certain finely-tuned balance between smooth production and a clean, clear recording style, Fall sets the mood with ease and feels all at once nostalgic and brilliantly fresh. While there’s an immediately professional, engaging, and multi-layered, organic nature to the soundscape, Lottz’s voice is undoubtedly a huge part of what carries the song. The lyrics and the poetic observations, these meandering lines, and contrasting shorter references. Everything about the structure and performance is sublime and suits the underlying mood and tone of the track perfectly well.

The 26-year-old songwriter and producer Lottz enters the RnB music arena with the hope of making something new and interesting while elevating the RnB genre to new heights. London-based artist Lottz started her career when she was 15 years old. Award-winning artists such as Rihanna and JoJo were her inspiration while she was growing up.Effortless delivery, stunning vocal dexterity, and soulful notes that pierce through the heart and mind helped her to grab the attention of the audience in such a short time. She is driven to create amazing performances and music that grabs attention in a diverse and unique set of styles and techniques. She likes to be more liberated with her expressions and emotions with her songs. She is producing music under the name of the baby producer too.

In terms of the style, there’s a mild hint of classic RnB to the presentation, but there’s also a pop warmth and finish to the completed arrangement. Throw in a dash of soul and both a melodic and rapped vocal that appear upfront and unafraid, and the completed track succeeds in being both the ambient go-to whenever the world gets too heavy – and the thoughtful choice when there’s a little more to consider or contemplate. A beautiful single, in short, just past the three-minute mark and thirty seconds too long. Blissful sound design and gorgeous vocals meet with refreshing, considerate songwriting, to offer up something incredibly unique yet well-rooted amidst the legendary classics of a simpler time. 

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