Atlanta, Georgia – Fake I Project, a brand new Metal band of seasoned musicians, has just released their debut single “War Tune”. The song is already receiving rave reviews from Metal fans around the world and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Recorded and edited by F.I.P, the single showcases the band’s unique sound and style, which draws inspiration from a variety of Metal sub-genres. The audio mastering and video editing were also done by F.I.P, demonstrating the band’s commitment to complete creative control and artistic integrity.

In this video, the members of F.I.P have brought their wealth of experience and expertise to this new venture. They are all fans of mystery and have chosen to conceal their true identities, allowing their work to speak for itself. This adds an air of intrigue to the band and makes them all the more interesting to follow.

Fake I Project has already gained a strong following in the Metal community and is poised to become one of the genre’s most exciting new acts. With their commitment to creative control, artistic integrity, and sheer talent, F.I.P is a force to be reckoned with.

For more information on F.I.P and their debut single “War Tune”, please contact [email protected] less.

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