Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich sounds of Reggae as Franq Nitti, the talented singer, songwriter, and deejay from Spanish Town, Jamaica, presents his latest musical masterpiece, “Here I Am.” With its captivating melodies and authentic old school Jamaican feel, this Reggae single is set to mesmerize listeners worldwide.

Franq Nitti, also known as Ricardo Dwight Trail, has been making waves in the music industry since his debut in 2009 with the hit single “I’m Ready.” With a string of successful releases under his belt, including collaborations with Jah Vincci and a remarkable cover performance of Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road Jack” alongside IQuey, Nitti’s talent and passion for Reggae shine through in every note.

“Here I Am” is a testament to Nitti’s love for his beautiful island and showcases his charisma as he presents himself as the perfect man for those who can’t resist the allure of Jamaican men. Produced by the renowned Renardo “Amir” Trail of Block 33 Music, the song captures the essence of Reggae with its soulful vocals and infectious rhythm.

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