If you are finding out the most awesome flow, “Everybody” is the greatest track for you. “MT Kerrio” is truly a magnificent artist who is from Montgomery, Alabama and he is truly passionate about rap music. 

The music here stands out for so many reasons, the overall mood of the music is maintained throughout and there are definite traits or characteristics that stay present and clear at all times. For the most part, though, everything else appears unexpectedly – these unpredictable, creative details step up to center stage one by one, building essentially an other-worldly ambiance that is as complex as it is haunting.

On top of the ambiance is of course the songwriting – the melody, the lyrics, the performance. Singer’s excellent rap voice sounds more delicate and intimate here – a fitting adaptation for the subject matter at hand. As things move forward, the vocal performance changes direction on a few occasions in an awesome way as well. There’s a lot of space on this record, the vibe is light and atmospheric – laying bare certain ideas and really keeping your focus on the thoughts within, as well as allowing you that room and that time to consider and understand it all. 

The song has been thoughtfully structured, and this is driven primarily by the two featured rap vocals – the song appears to be building and building, increasing in intensity and passion as the moments pass by. In reality, though, the soundscape moves along in a comforting and quite hypnotic manner, remaining fairly constant for the most part, simply doubling up more and more throughout the latter half of the song. The voices add the bulk of that sense of evolution and attempt to keep you fixated on them. The effect is that the song gradually surrounds you with the central struggle and opposing love of the song’s sentiment in a totally immersive way.

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