Swedish artist Marcus Ek, better known as Ethereal Dawn, is set to release a powerful and cinematic EP titled “The Sins of an Angel” on June 2nd. This highly anticipated EP is the first chapter in a trilogy that takes listeners on a journey through the captivating saga of the Winterheart.

Ethereal Dawn is a composer, guitarist, and singer whose music is a fusion of symphonic rock and power metal. His debut album “The Moonlight of Gloom” featured collaborations with renowned artists such as Fabio Lione from Rhapsody of Fire/Angra and Petr Elfimov, the Belarusian Eurovision contestant. With “The Sins of an Angel”, Ethereal Dawn promises to deliver an even more epic and spellbinding musical experience.

The producer of the debut album ‘The Moonlight Of Gloom’ was Tommy Johansson, known for his work with Majestica and Sabaton. In addition to his production role, he also contributed background vocals and played the bass guitar on the record.

This EP features Ek’s signature style, which is characterized by soaring orchestral arrangements, dynamic guitar riffs, and powerful vocals. The cinematic quality of the music creates a larger-than-life atmosphere that transports listeners to a world of fantasy and adventure. With “The Sins of an Angel”, Ethereal Dawn cements his position as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the symphonic rock and power metal scene.

Fans of epic music and immersive storytelling will not want to miss the release of “The Sins of an Angel”. The EP will be available on all major streaming platforms on June 2nd.

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