Rapper and artist TAIN delivers a fresh take on contemporary rap with this uniquely poetic, expressive, and rhythmically engaging new freestyle.

TAIN is an artist/producer from Denver, CO. He recently changed scenes by moving to Houston, TX. There is no ceiling or boundaries when it comes to TAIN’s passion for creating and producing music. One thing TAIN possesses that makes him a one-of-a-kind artist is his gift of appreciating melody on his tracks. His rapping ability is undeniable and added to the melodic hooks, background vocals, and his own in-tune style of delivery is what will lure new listeners in. TAIN was recently mentioned in the GRID magazine for his single “Love me Not released in July. Since then, he continues to throw out bangers, his recent being 20/20.

Emerging complete with a quickly likable, stylish soundscape, Escobars speaks volumes on behalf of personal confidence, yet does so in a calm and collected manner – essentially injecting a genuine air of self-belief and possibility into the process.

Featuring an equally simple set-up for the video. Escobars addresses this very year we find ourselves lost within and tackles ambition head-on with a haunting yet immediately recognizable riff and vocal hook.

We get plenty of quirky, clever wordplay in between these moments and as much of the artist’s own journey and story as a rising rapper and songwriter.

Unique vocal tone, intelligent rhymes, and a fresh musicality work well to drive this subtle yet striking anthem through in a compelling way. Well worth a listen for rap fans past and present.

The track has a defiantly recognizable vibe to it, and the vocals work in unison with this groove for the most part. However, they also throw in a few hits of no-fucks-given wordplay and character to keep things unpredictable.

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