Equilibrium is a stunning piece of music. The cinematic brilliance is remarkable; if such an expression can be applied to audio – the complete soundscape builds up detail by detail and environs you with emotion and meaning and history.

Rene Michael is a Danish EDM Producer at the age of 27 with a passion for progressive a chill music with a bouncing rhythm. Since the age of 7, he has been dabbling in the arts of electronic music creation, right from the simple DAWs to the more advanced ones.

René Michael “SmK1337” Olesen was born on the 27th February 1994 in Denmark. He is a young creator of House Music with an appetite for the sub-genre Progressive House. His great idols are Deadmau5, Armin Van Buuren and Trentemøller. His biggest musical inspiration is his father, a professional DJ in the 80s-90s. One day his father brought home a Computer software named Dance Ejay, and SmK1337 devote countless hours creating all sorts of tunes at the age of 8. He has consistently been producing music since he was little, sometimes more severe than others. In 2012 at the stage of 18, he got signed to his first Record Label, a little British Record Label called TNG Records, where he met many artists who have played a significant role in his progression as an artist.

There’s something peculiar about Rene Michael‘s creative use of synths in Equilibrium; occasionally retro – old school game-like – sometimes outwardly brand new. It carries about a specific sound and energy that you can’t really equate to anything else. On the one hand, there’s this mild and dreamlike riff, subtle, minimal in its use of notes, outstanding in the way that any ambient melody should be. On the other hand, there’s this distorted, twisted, alternative synth tender in the backdrop, toting a massive touch of electronic rock and creating what is essentially something wholly new and compelling to listen to.

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