Prepare to be swept off your feet as the dynamic duo of Jmo and Kye Drilly bring an infectious wave of talent with their scorching new release, “Epidemic.” Straight out of Waco, Texas, these two rappers are on a mission to take the hip-hop world by storm, and with this hard-hitting track, they are sure to make an indelible mark.

In “Epidemic,” Jmo and Kye Drilly deliver an electrifying fusion of hip-hop and trap, blending their signature styles to create an unstoppable force. Their lyricism hits like a contagion, spreading rapidly through the hearts and minds of listeners.

The music style composer’s ingenuity shines through in every beat and rhyme, crafting an atmosphere that captivates and compels. As the verses flow seamlessly, the infectious rhythm will have you nodding your head and craving for more.

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