It’s easy to forget how powerful a well-captured video can be in reigniting the fire of a powerful single. Katrin Butt has been on our radar for quite some time, continuously releasing classics that stand out from the rest. Engel is a standout in her career thus far, and this recent video release provides a little more insight into the artist behind the music.

Katrin Butt is a versatile Austrian singer, director, actress, filmmaker, film producer, author, and artist.

Katrin Butt studied experimental visual design (including video and cinema) at the Linz Art University under Laurids Ortner and Wolfgang Flatz (Rainer Metzger) from 1988 to 1992, earning a Mag. art. degree while also studying piano at the Bruckner Conservatory Linz. She also studied singing and acting in London and Vienna.

She also performed as a hip-hop singer with the group 10 Strings 1 Bow[3] at the Posthof. She collaborated with musicians such as H.G. Gutternig (group Russkaja), Doug Hammond, Bobby McFerrin, and others.

In Engel, Katrin Butt exemplifies this influence while also using the opportunity to demonstrate her own sense of character and performing style simultaneously. It has already been said that the lyrics are entirely transparent; everything is laid out in front of you, down to the most personal details.

Engel provides a timeless and perhaps retro hip hop vibe that isn’t commonly found in current efforts to the genre. The vibe is bright and hopeful, contrasting thickness with lightness and fusing the danc world with something far more organic. 

The soundscape is delicate and masterfully constructed from the start – the initial space, the distant spoken phrase – until the beat explodes onto the scene, followed by an enormously rhythmic and engaging leading voice.

On one side, everything is beautifully bass-driven, while on the other, everything is beautifully crisp. You feel completely encircled by this — Katrin Butt has created the ideal environment in which to appreciate and evaluate the thoughts given throughout.

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