Malta’s JordN takes excellent care while composing original tunes, and this current release is a prime illustration of that. “End of the World ” is a sweetly seductive pop tune with a partly organic soundtrack and a soothing beat that expertly balances professionalism and authentic feeling.

End of the World” is a refreshing change from the bulk of albums in this genre, with minimal noise and a clean and organic composition that makes you appreciate the musicianship and the potential for a live concert.

JordN’s delicate and pinched vibrato smoothly coolly terminates notes, and his distinctive voice also works surprisingly well in laying down clean and clear vocal pads to complement the lead. However, the vocals also show a talent for pivoting on the fly – an angular quality that permits notes to change direction with minimal effort, which is both skillful and, possibly, the source of earworms.

He switches between chest voice and falsetto so well that the transition is imperceptible, making his singing feel smooth, slick, and genuine, warming us through to the song’s finish with confidence and ease.

The song is fast to interest and leaves its subtle but definite impact on the listener, pouring through with a beautiful combination of delicate soundscape nuances – flickers of melody and lightness, partially organic feeling – and a strikingly unexpected yet simple vocal line and a string of words.

Though the melodic changes on the track have a limited range, this generally suits the steady flow of the soundscape and the overall pleasant tone of the finished composition. 

End of the World” is a simple tune to enjoy; the pace keeps things going while a few subtleties offer familiarity and something to hold for singers and organic music fans alike.

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