With his latest Song, JordN, a Malta-based artist, provides fans with a delightfully warming performance. The song “End of the World” has the sense of a long-forgotten Alternative/Indie Pop classic. 

The expansive and evocative “End of the World” opens things up with passion. The words provide a series of intriguing images, and the tune is mild yet full of anticipation for a much faster speed. The soundscape meanders in its own way, according to its own set of principles.

It’s a beautifully crafted, poetic, and reflective piece of music that has been flawlessly performed here, expressing the song’s underlying thoughts in an excellent manner.

JordN’s delicate and pinched vibrato ends notes in an incredibly cool style, and his unique voice also lays down perfectly clean vocal pads to complement the lead.

On the other hand, the voices show a flair for pivoting on the fly — an angular quality that allows notes to change direction with minimal effort, which is both skillful and possibly earworm-inducing.

He switches between chest voice and falsetto in such a subtle way that the transition is scarcely audible, making his singing feel fluid, slick, and genuine, confidently and effortlessly warming us to the song’s end.

Everything about “End of the World” has been professionally mixed, sounds very polished, and has been carefully considered. The song is filled with seductive melodies one after the other and is over before you know it. 

However, what appears to be a very easy and carefree tune conceals a much deeper and darker mystery.

Furthermore, from a songwriting perspective, the track “End of the World”  leaves you contemplating that melody and that hook over and over. It’s the perfect, unexpected earworm of the moment.

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