French is a romantic language and the music is also so adorable and mindblowing at the same time. Jiij is a young and magnificent singer who is from Paris. Having been inspired by rap, hip hop, and cloud music genres, Jiij recently released his other amazing single “En Nuit” to all the beloved audiences out there. “En nuit” is one of the most heart-touching and melancholy tracks which will remind you of your own experience of true love.

Slowing things down to a seductively mellow pace, Jiij takes his time to express loving sentiments throughout this smooth production. Following the blissfully delicate movement of the soundscape and with a notable melody, Jiij already could attract almost any audience with his amazing work. 

Without a doubt “En Nuit” is an easily addictive new track and as the audience, you all can see the professionalism and clever vibe throughout the track. Likable song-writing alongside this and getting the chemistry just right in this track as well. Jiij has superb vocals and guides us through the twists and turns of this emotional and musically immersive journey. Obviously, you have to turn the volume up and listen. 

With the catchy vibe and the flow, this track is truly addictive and we are pretty sure you are going to listen to the same song more than once. Emotionally raw and revealing verses pave the way towards an explosively nostalgic track and as the audience, this will be your next favorite track after all. The track is delicate and emotionally heavy, projecting its underlying intentions throughout every verse until the end.

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