SCUTI’s has exemplified the grip of addiction on this latest single in a subtle but powerful way, and what a song. Empty Soul” is superb, breathtakingly soulful vocals driven with genuine passion and grit – you can feel the turmoil and the drama, and all the while the music works hard to reinforce the sensation and the journey expressed within. However, it does so in a manner that feels exciting, uplifting even; perfectly highlighting the conflict addicts experience between the sweet lure of their chosen vice and the freedom of walking away.

cuti îs a young artist out of Southside Atlanta. He has a juice world kid Laroi type feel with his sound, at the same time being from the trenches of Atlanta, he has that embedded in his music as well. Scuti is ready to unleash his music, starting with his first single “How IM feeling”. This single takes to his mindset of being in the trenches, not much going well around him, a lot of bad influence, but he still has his hope and superstardom ready to unleash.

There’s something deeply reflective about the way this song has been arranged and portrayed, there’s heart to the performances, and though the sound is somewhat minimal – there is absolutely nothing missing from the journey. It feels rather epic, softly powerful, important and entrancing as it pours through. The contrast between the high energy of the opener to this more spacious, reverb-soaked moment works wonderfully.

As is always the case, new music from SCUTI emerges and you just know it will be something worth spending a little time with – taking those precious minutes to experience the composition in a quiet space. 

There’s an artistic nature to the set-up and indeed to every building block included in this song. The melody, the added vocals, the call of the voice – the increasing energy, the cascading vocals and the upward surge of awesome chaos. This is a huge hit in the making, the sort of poetic outpouring those who know what it feels like will undoubtedly connect with. In the same instance, a live performance would be unmissable. I look forward to hearing what the future brings from The Stone SCUTI’s.

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