SCUTI’s return this year brings a full-band effort and a melancholy hip hop anthem that’s organic and comfortingly familiar in set-up. Empty Soul” is an official video release.

The second time you hear the song there’s a little more familiarity to it, you’ve acclimatized to the progression, and on this occasion it’s much easier to appreciate the reflective nature of the lyrics and the dream-like evolution of the melody. The song is far more satisfying with each new listen, and that originality soon becomes an absolute selling point.

Production-wise there’s a simple delicacy to this track that’s easy to vibe to. On top of this, the song’s hook at first seems fit to accompany the bulk of hip hop releases from the past year or so, but as you venture further you notice those pensive intricacies and dashes of creativity that help give it a slight edge. The rap verse after this builds even more so on that sense of individuality.

There’s a fair balance between rap and melody on this track, and the vocals throughout seem well-rooted in the song’s concept and overall mood. SCUTI manages to fill the room with brightness and an easily enjoyable groove. The performance and the music alike speak volumes for what’s to come.

There’s a motivational mood to much of the track, openness regarding real daily life is balanced with an optimistic glance at the future and a general feeling of positivity and drive. The second rap verse sees lyrical brilliance pour through by means of a varied flow that incorporates a touch of melody and takes wordplay and reflective writing to superb new heights. The completed track keeps things concise yet relevant, the sections each work well to offer dynamic and to hold the audience’s attention, and still that smooth overall vibe maintains a level of calm that’s a pleasure to be surrounded by.

Combining personal honesty and depth of thought in an endearing fashion, with experimental soundscape building,  SCUTI has crafted something fresh and free from the confines of industry expectations or genre rules. An interesting release and it will be worth seeing what else comes through in the near future.

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