It’s been a long time since Hailie Jade Scott has seen her dad’s pal 50 Cent in concert. But when Eminem‘s daughter, 27, attended Uncle Fif’s show at Pine Knob Amphitheater in Clarkson, Mich. last weekend, the site of the G-Unit general on stage next to pops Shady really made her day.

“We went to the 50 Cent concert, and I was so freaking happy,” Scott said on this week’s episode of her Just a Little Shady podcast. “I have not seen him perform since, like, I seriously think it was like the sixth grade. It’s been so long.”

Scott said she was “just so happy,” mostly because 50 has “so many bangers” that she thinks people forge about. Sure, there are the legendary club songs, but there are also so many more she enthused, with co-host and friend Brittany Ednie completely agreeing. “There’s so many like… play that you’re like holy s–t!… Bop after bop after bop.”

She also noted that she was discussing the tour’s high-end production values with fianceé Evan McClintock, saying she has not “seen that level of production” in ages, from non-stop pyro to confetti cannons and, of course, 50’s explosive special guest.

“And also dad came out and I don’t know why… that’s just how I have to say it, ‘dad came out,’” Scott laughed about her pops’ cameo on “Patiently Waiting,” which then led to the old friends running through their Grammy- winning collab “Crack a Bottle.”

Scott said she knew Em was going to collab with Ed Sheeran on stage before it happened when Slim Shady jumped out to do “Lose Yourself” and “Stan” at Detroit’s Ford Field in July, but she only found out about the 50 spot right before it happened.

“But still no matter what I get so hype because I could just see the crowd being so happy,” she said of the immediate energy surge when the dynamic duo began performing together. Scott described the moment by recalling that there was a guy in front of her — he was originally in her actual seats, but jumped up a row when her party arrived — and she said “he was living his best live the entire time!… and I was like, ‘Yes! You deserve to be right there, man!”

50’s Final Lap tour will truck on on Thursday when it kicks off the international portion of the trek at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

Watch Hailie Jade talk about seeing 50 Cent live below.

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