EMBER” is the brand new track from up-and-coming indie-pop sensation Paula Mueller. It’s a brilliantly uplifting piece of music that gives off all kinds of good energy. Paula Mueller is a 16-year-old multilingual singer and songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

If you haven’t indulged in the beauty of Paula Mueller yet, there is no better time than now. There is nothing flashy or attention-seeking about them or their music, but it grabs you in such a way that you feel unable to stop listening. Addictively impressive creations, are undoubtedly the key to calming you down in a world that is consistently in a hurry

For those who are fans of pop music, this track has everything you could want; with memorable melodies and a flawlessly produced backing track, the whole thing just flows out through the speakers and into your consciousness. The added benefit of this particular track is that it focuses exclusively and unflinchingly on something positive and uplifting. 

Paula Mueller’s voice is the first thing to grab your attention, it kicks in right from the offset; the tone of it, the inflections she uses to enhance the notes – makes the sound immediately very stylish, smooth, and easy to listen to. It’s undeniably a great voice, and on top of this; the music surrounding it is of a mellow and almost indie-pop-like nature. It doesn’t feel like your average pop song – it feels new; it’s personal but entirely accessible, and clearly very meaningful, right to its core.
The melody throughout is memorable and effective, getting caught in your mind, wrapping itself around you, and becoming instantly nostalgic in a way. It very quickly feels familiar, but only in that it’s so well written and structured – everything happens just as it needs to. The soundscape is simple and adds to the overall captivating sound of the song. The awesome smooth touch within the music is subtle but effective – it creates a great vibe that you can really get lost in, and yet, at the same time, it maintains its chilled atmosphere. The song is still as comforting as the concept of someone who will always be there for you, and so it all fuses together superbly. This kind of production is really well suited to Paula Mueller’s vocal style and songwriting.

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