A fun, energetic, and nostalgic piece, Ella la que ta is something you would enjoy while dancing. But, do not let the simple music production fool you, as JordanFlowx has done an excellent job blending minimum tunes and percussion to make a beat that can make you dance without you even knowing.

JordanFlow is a talented upcoming artist from Columbus, Ohio. He grew up in new york from a Dominican family. He uses to go every summer to the Dominican Republic, where he was introduced to the music genre dembow. 

Dembow is a music genre that originated in the Dominican Republic, influenced by Dancehall, “Reggae en español”, and hip hop. The vocals of the songs made with Dembow are fast-paced, and the beats are perfect for dancing. Ella la que ta is made with a combination of two genres; dembow and rap. 

“Ella la que ta” flows on progressive music and beats that arouse the urge to dance like crazy. The song is written in the Dominican language, which is sweet and exciting. The percussion stands before music, and both music and percussion highlight the vocals perfectly. If you are looking for a variety of music genres and in need of burning some calories, this song would be a perfect choice for you.

Listen to Ella la que ta on Youtube.

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