Nero Xp26 has released a brand new song this month entitled EKELEBE”, and as songwriting goes, it’s something of a lyrical maze through poetic consideration and deep thought.

As always, the artist’s music showcases a touch of amazing soundscape, the thickness of the beat in this case adds a fairly epic and dramatic rhythm, however mellow in pace. As the song progresses, there’s a unique and interesting string section that comes into play, almost electronic sounding on occasion, offering up just snippets of notes half tapped to exemplify the rising intensity.

The song that follows is equally calming in its expression. Nero Xp26’s leading voice has something deeply honest and emotional about it; the sound is real, believable, genuine, all of which adds to how reliable it is in terms of being music to escape from the stresses of everyday life too. As the track progresses, the melody becomes more familiar, the simple sound of the click becomes more comforting, the organic nature of that as a beat adds to the minimal intricacies of the ambiance, and all in all everything works in unison to create something much bigger than the instruments imply.

The unique nature of the music is fascinating, particularly at this point in our lives when mainstream creativity has been somewhat starved of oxygen and loaded up instead with tried and tested formulas. This track is explosive and intense to listen to, the intrigue of it is in the unfolding story-line or journey upon which the soundscape takes you, but the beauty of it comes through thanks to a sublime and professional mix that highlights the inner strength of the chord progression and the fire that is this collective mass of both distorted and dreamlike synths.

The structure of the song is a huge part of what makes it captivate you as you listen. The switch from the verse to the chorus alone hits with striking impact, and it’s a chorus that works – it drives that title, that concept, with emotion and a somewhat theatrical sort of power. This prison of indecision is intriguing, to say the very least, it’s yet another of these poetic and reflective moments in which the songwriters express a particular perspective that provokes thought. The accompanying music, the developing instrumentation, and the varying melodies, all support and enhance this sentiment superbly.As a producer, Nero Xp26 has both the ability and the vision to give you something completely fresh and completely mesmerising, even a little terrifying on occasion. The creativity seems limitless; the riffs, the varying effects and the retro, Afrobeat instrumentation. This collection as available so far is intensely appealing when you consider how very little there is that sounds quite like this or that grabs your attention so relentlessly. Well worth exploring.

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