Get ready for a blast from the past as EDM maestro Deltiimo breathes new life into his 1992 classic “Let’s Get Together” with a vibrant remix featuring the original vocals of Lisa Love Barron and the youthful charm of his daughter, Maria Louca, at the tender age of four. This re-imagined summer feel-good track is a testament to Deltiimo’s timeless sound and his ability to captivate listeners with infectious melodies and irresistible beats.

Co-written by Deltiimo and the talented Bradon Grobler, “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” is just the beginning of a wave of revitalized classics set to dominate the music scene in 2023. The release comes hot on the heels of its completion, ensuring no delay in sharing this sunshine-infused gem with the world.

Experience the magic on YouTube and other streaming platforms now.

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