Maybe Ed Sheeran is just catching up on all the crummy retail and food service jobs the rest of us did in our 20s by cosplaying as customer service during stops on his massive Mathematics tour. A few weeks ago, he was slinging dogs at Chicago’s legendarily salty Weiner Circle and on Saturday he popped in to a Lego store at Minneapolis’ massive Mall of America for a shift at a “brick specialist.”

In a video on his Instagram, Sheeran posts up behind the counter as a shocked mom says, “are you kidding me!? Oh my God, my daughter’s gonna freak out!” Sheeran then turns to the camera to show off his official Lego store uniform, consisting of a blue Lego shirt, the signature yellow smock and, yes, an “Ed” name tag.

“I’m here at the Mall of America in Minnesota and I have my Lego outfit on to be a brick specialist at the Lego store and then play ‘Lego House!,” AFOL Sheeran tells the camera. In a montage, Sheeran helps some young shoppers find the right bricks, pushes stock around on a cart and signs a Lego house set for a young fan. Then, after his shift, Sheeran straps on an acoustic and strums the brick-themed third single from his 2011 debut album, +, for hundreds of Sheerios.

“That was super fun,” he says after the quick food court-adjacent gig, teasing a surprise at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis later that night. “I’ve got a bunch of these ‘Autumn Is Coming’ minifigures and I’m going to be giving them out at the gig. See you in a bit,” he says.

At previous stops on the tour, Sheeran popped into a pub to sing the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” slung philly cheesesteaks in South Philadelphia and visited a classroom to jam with some high school band students in Tampa.

Check out Sheeran’s video below.

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