Berlin-based Dutti is challenging the norms of genre-constrained music with his latest single ‘I Can Be’, now premiering on YouTube. With influences spanning Rap, Hip-Hop, and Pop, Dutti’s sound is a kaleidoscope of introspective lyrics, dynamic beats, and thoughtful nuances that encapsulate his ongoing journey of self-discovery.

‘I Can Be’ presents an immersive blend of Dutti’s contemplative observations of life and love, underpinned by the raw authenticity of his evolving sonic identity. This track illustrates his innovative approach to creating music that the world “might need or enjoy,” resulting in a captivating auditory journey that invites listeners to partake in his exploration of the self.

As an artist who perceives music as a reflection of oneself in a particular moment in time, Dutti’s work embodies a refreshing fluidity that inspires and captivates. Listen to ‘I Can Be’ on YouTube today and immerse yourself in Dutti’s remarkable narrative of hope and personal growth.

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