Producer/composer 2 S H Ξ R rises strong, bringing the professional composition to the stage, with an enthusiastic set-up and contemporary dance-fusion performance, presenting the energizing remix classic “Destination.”

2 S H Ξ R  – ambitious, focused, multi-talented modern artist. Twenty-nine years old, born in south-west Poland, started his music career very early. At the age of 6 his parents noticed his passion for music and sent him to Primary Music School where he got proper piano education. As a youngster, 2 S H Ξ R started to dj himself and also made his first steps into music production. 

During that time, 2 S H Ξ R experimented a lot in his little home studio in Poland, working under different aliases and producing various tracks. He managed to get his music released on the industry’s biggest labels, such as Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, and many more. 

Talking about being a DJ, he appeared in Europe’s most notable venues such as Pacha (Ibiza), Ministry Of Sound (London), Face Club (Warsaw), X-Demon (Zielona Gora), or Absolut Atelier (Stockholm). As a dj, he is one of 10 worldwide ambassadors of the world’s #1 mobile DJ software – DJAY by Algoriddim.

As a fan of classic and modern electronic music, 2 S H Ξ R is brilliantly unique, creatively brave, and slightly experimental, but never beyond the boundaries of comfort. Professionalism and enthusiasm go hand in hand, resulting in very unique and enthralling results.

The remix “Destination” is a suitable dedication to a timeless genre, with equal parts familiarity and character, while simultaneously weaving in layers of creative expression in the form of particular rhythmic and melodic flickers for a clear feeling of identity.

This is a catchy electronic dance hit with gorgeous chaos and sound-play. The subtleties, layers, rhythms, samples, and intensity of it all wrap themselves around the listener, causing a swift increase in volume and effectively drawing you in for a return nearly as soon as the song ends.

Always a producer who puts his heart and soul into his work, 2 S H Ξ R illustrates that there is always room for truly energetic, immersive instrumental dance, and that letting your mind wander while your body relaxes is always a worthwhile approach when the world becomes a little heavy.


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