“Sweet Lily Love” is an artist with a uniquely beautiful voice that stands tall among its peers right now. “Drum Machine Joy” is the latest release from her to all the audience out there. This project compiles tracks that showcase that soundscape and voice and its delicate, passionate intricacies under an EDM, Happy Hardcore-meets-Chiptunes sort of light, keeping the vibe mellow and seductive and keeping your mind on that delivery. Crafting energetic and unique beats, Sweet Lily Love is a pop dance artist bringing her own style to the electronic music world. Influenced by various dance and electronic artists throughout the 90s to the present, Sweet Lily Love brings quality, experimental tracks to the genre that inspired her up-and-coming music career.

The opening few bars of music actually feel like an awesome EDM offering on the second listen. Then you start to get those details, these vocal snippets, the thickness of the beat – crisp and satisfying, a further testament to brilliant production – and these completely iconic riffs. The instrumental choices have given the track so much character, and all the while, the build-up and the subsequent drop hits with immense impact – feeling both nostalgic ( and undeniably fresh. A sense of cultural fusion actually emerges that suits the times and the sounds of today pretty perfectly.

Set-up is everything with a track like this, in order for it to welcome an audience of all ages and backgrounds, in order to leave a mark – you have to be able to lead into that chorus section in an appealing way. It’s a strong but subtle hook, mellow and not overly attention-grabbing, so the instrumental stepping stones are crucial. 

To try to break it down to the bare style or genre, this track moves in and out between a somewhat electronic soundscape, melodic aura, dubstep, and slightly harder hitting, EDM fusion of sorts. Structurally Sweet Lily Love utilizes the entire four-minute time frame to build around you a multi-layered soundscape, complete with stops and starts, rhythm variations, color, and apparent volume increases – all resulting in something that feels like a run through a chaotic neighborhood; not unlike a short, cinematic film.

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