The vibe set by this single is, from the offset, gorgeously in keeping with that implied by the title. Thoughts of the surf life bring about feelings of contentment, the simple things in life. Dried Grapes is the second single release from the Atlantic’s Debut Album I Am Not Your Indian. The debut album combines grungy rock and soulful ballads with hopeful and heartbreaking lyrics inspired by Lance’s Shasta Indian upbringing. The concept of the blues thrown in adds a touch of melancholy or reflective musicianship, and even just with the opening electric guitar riff – these two elements meet quite perfectly.

For the most part, the blues element is far from the forefront of the single. The hook brings with it a certain sadness, a difficulty or struggle, and this contrasts notably with the verses. However, the general ambiance that you focus upon is this laid back, organic soundscape, with the leading vocalist’s smooth tones gently guiding you through the imagery. The change from verse to hook seems quite drastic in hindsight, but it works really well, and it makes for something quite unique.

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