PROTESTSOUND returns with another magnificent piece of music, “Dresscode,” and it’s a single ready and waiting to shout out on behalf of personal strength and acceptance, keeping the pop-punk and rock-kissed sound alive and thriving.

These past two years have been a sound odyssey for PROTESTSOUND. Now it’s time to return to reality. They gave it their all and played their most excellent song. Guitars are blaring in the foreground. They’re from the street where ghosts are still playing the Ramones.

Freshly released from a newly presented creative corner that is PROTESTSOUND, “Dresscode” brings back the raw indie punk rock and pop-punk characteristics from a simpler era and blends them with a refreshingly relevant hit of songwriting.

As the track begins to go forward, catchy riffs and a distinct sense of brightness and excitement take over the reins. Brilliant pop-punk sensations derived from a more specific genre rapidly overwhelm and interest the listener.

“Dresscode” is precisely the type of music that is required right now. Great guitar work, powerful pop-punk, and rock-kissed vocals that are full of emotion and strength at the same time, excellent songwriting and song structure, and a strong sense of unity among the band’s members.

These punk-rock/pop vocals strike a careful balance between roughness and delicacy. The lyrics include some absolutely unexpected observations that are perfectly in sync with the inferred sentiments of the song’s title. 

One of the best songs ever written, it has the sensation of a brief and expressive rock-soaked, poetic narrative that is impossible to ignore.


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