Drake gives away $50,000 to a newly single fan at his recent concert in Miami, The 1975’s Matty Healy issues an apology for his racist comments about Ice Spice, Myke Towers tells us five things about him, we fill you in on everything about ‘Mean Girls: The Musical’ movie on ‘Mean Girls’ Day and more!

Tetris Kelly
Drake and Matty Healy go off script at their latest shows. It’s Mean Girls Day and we have a lot to celebrate. I sit down with Eric Nam to talk about his new visual album. We learned five things about Myke Towers and we head back down to Miami for a Latin Music Week update. Welcome back to Billboard News. Tetris here, it’s Tuesday, October 3rd. And let’s jump right into these concert moments that have everyone talking. Drake is giving away money to a newly single fan and Matty Healy is apologizing for, well, everything. It’s an interesting time out on the road and we’re breaking it down. If you’re going through a breakup, make sure you’re friends with Drake. In a viral video, he gives away $50,000 to a fan.

Tetris Kelly
What can I do to get Drake to hook me up? Matty Healy may also need to be hooked up after what seems like a fizzled romance with Taylor Swift and a lot of online haters thrown his way. In a video posted online from the 1975 show at the Hollywood Bowl, he’s apologizing for his actions.

Matty Healy
Because some of my actions have hurt some people. I apologize to those people. I pledge to do better moving forward.

Tetris Kelly
Well, I guess all people can ask for is growth. Meanwhile, I haven’t planned on attending any tours until Mariah in November, but I need to buy some tickets to something ASAP because it is getting interesting out there.

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