Martin D takes on the genre-fusing modern environment with the sweetly melodic and simultaneously hard-hitting Dragonslayer, with creative twists in abundance but a pleasantly sophisticated musicality interlaced.

Martin D is an artist hailing from Norway. He produces electronic music in his leisure time, and Dragonslayer is one of the first music tracks released on Youtube.

The sound is familiar, but the style is made up of admittedly distinct building blocks – character features, discreetly experimental aspects – and these attributes work together to make the single seem both comfortable and refreshingly original.

The track hugs its listeners, offering a realm of escapism that’s as rich in natural world connotations as it is in electronic pieces of beautifully produced bliss.

Martin D’s style is fairly recognizable, using well-known building elements but ultimately working from a position of uniqueness and delight. Nothing is faked; nothing spectacular or attention-grabbing is required, simply a loving audio embrace of comfortable, natural expressiveness and musicianship.

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