With his latest release, “DOUBLE SCORE,” new-age rap act Almightyjp injects a sense of color and concept into modern hip hop, bringing together dreamy soundscapes, trap rhythms, melodic hooks, and emotional narratives.

Almightyjp is a recording artist and producer based in North Charleston. Music is his passion, and he dedicates his sound to the underground and the underdogs of the globe, pursuing a desire to create the style of music he grew up listening to. 

“DOUBLE SCORE” is an excellent introduction to Almightyjp’s sound, and it provides a quick taste of escapism that both calms and connects because of its honesty and inventive musicality.

Heavy electronic production meets equally impacted vocals of an emotionally driven, intentional plot for a contrasting impact – rapper and musician Almightyjp injects a new level of intention and captivating melody into the present hip hop scene with his latest release.

Its evolution from artistic and tuneful to gritty and informative is structurally distinctive, and “DOUBLE SCORE” takes advantage of the current style – the trap and rap tones that are currently making waves – while weaving in a particularly deliberate undertone that amazes for its depth and honesty.

While the opening lines, the beat, and the vocal blend all sound firmly planted in the present day, Almightyjp makes care to incorporate some surprising melodic flips and a few references that assist in injecting a definite sense of identity into the song’s overall composition. 

As the track goes, the significance of this process becomes more apparent. As the bars stream in, Almightyjp makes it a point to convey his side of the tale and keep things fresh and natural for the listeners.

Even though the pace is faster, the bars are more captivating, and the sound is pertinent to the situation. Yet, the beat incorporates elements of nostalgia for a wider audience reach as well as an obvious advantage in versatility.

Almightyjp’s musicality can be found across his entire discography to date. A natural union of work ethic and enthusiasm occurs, with nothing forced or artificial required — just the music and the microphone.

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