Double M” by Milli on is a piece of new music that combines moderate energy with intense passion and a distinct sense of individuality. The music creates a laid-back atmosphere, and the rhythmic structure of the piece is immediately captivating.

The chorus of “Double M” is quite catchy. First and foremost, this is what you should take away from experience after listening to it. Following that, there is an undoubtedly crisp and pleasing level of craftsmanship. In this tune, the traditional hip-hop energy has been merged with an intense, synth-heavy backdrop, creating a sound that is both soothing and dense at the same time. 

On the one hand, it might be the track for the night out, the energetic feelings required for that. On the other hand, it could also be the music for the chill-out, the after-party, in a sense. It’s a fantastic location to be, the tune sounds great in all circumstances, and what’s more, the Milli on’s leading rap vocal on this track has a lot going for it that is unusual and unique.

Milli on’s vocals have an excellent sound and performance style. The tone of the voice has a complexity that is uncommon these days; it is a confident and exciting sound, perhaps even a little terrifying – as so much great hip-hop once was. It works pretty well against this particular musical backdrop.

The instrumentation is light and uplifting, which, combined with the lyrics’ explicit honesty and realness, results in extraordinarily well produced and ready to encourage and motivate even the most depressed listeners. The rapper and musician make a welcome and deserving return.

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