DOPE MAN is a track with a pretty quirky title that fits the sentiment of the writing and the overall vibe of the music pretty well. The underlying concept is one of sheer love of music, regardless of audience size or recognition, and that in itself is something worth appreciating. The song is set to inspire, and the smooth, colorful musicality lays out this fresh RnB soundscape that comes doused in a little of that organic trip-hop lightness to really brighten it up. From the offset, once you grasp that underlying idea, you connect to the leading voices and the melody-line easily. The whole thing has been flawlessly produced, keeping the vibe uplifting and not too heavy or overly into itself. The vocal performances are beautiful, skillfully presented, and gorgeously captured and incorporated within the mix.

Yung Fatt is a creative and passionate hip-hop artist. As an artist, he always wants to give something fresh to his listeners. The track is driven by keys, for the most part, you get a number of delicate synth riffs that emerge as central cogs in how smoothly the track moves along. In addition, that opening vocal melody makes itself known in an instant – it’s memorable, recognizable after even just a single listen, and then when you get to the rap verse the mellow energy here fits in again and adds that necessary touch of contrast to really help the song stand tall.

The passion inherent in the concept and the leading voices – all of them equally – is a big part of helping the track connect with all of us who categorically agree with the song’s sentiment. It’s inspiring, energizing, and hopeful. And all the while, the music maintains a mellow level of vibrancy that allows you to totally chill around it. 


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