Chilled vibes with a late-night core and baritone vocals to match – DIRACHE introduces the Don’t Need Time style as a partly new and partly classic ambient trap.

DIRACHE was born in West Africa, Liberia but raised in the United States. After being traumatized by Liberia civil war, he came to the United States with his grandparents and three siblings at 9. At 12, he fell in love with music. He collaborated with Mazee Blanco on the hit single “Jodie Kaba.” In 2017 he dropped “Plogoo placaa” showing his versatility. In 2019 he dropped “Better N Better” two months after the single was dropped DIRACHE got arrested and was charged with money laundering and three counts of forgery, facing a total of 25 years. Immigration put a hold on him, and he was in the process of getting deported back to Liberia. He overcame the trials and tribulations and was released in 2021 after serving 14 months behind bars. Fresh out of jail, he released the hit single “immigration trials” connected with his fans and made headlines.

The vocal tone and presentation within the mix make use of effects similar to much of the scene’s releases from recent years. However, there is something slightly different about the meeting of melody and rap and the multiple layers of fragmented vocals in the outskirts – ultimately leaving things underground and more widely relevant all at once.

At the same time, the whole thing is notably creative, standing out for its unusual blending of layers and details, hitting with impact, and refusing to be ignored or unheard.

Don’t Need Time strikes with a certain air of gritty intensity and weight for the late-night insomniacs or the party that won’t end. There’s a harshness to it but also a strong groove that’s increasingly infectious. DIRACHE knows what his style is and runs with it.

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