In the saturated music industry, where everybody and anybody can make and release their art to the world, there are bound to be some undiscovered gems of absolute artistry out there. It’s particularly difficult when you try to find a fresh new Hip-Hop track that actually makes you obsess again like you did when you were a teenager. To be honest, though, I wouldn’t label it with a single genre. Melodically full to the brim, big beats spilling out in all the right places, complete and undisguised angst, raw energy, bars that make it to the moon and back. The energy of the kids is mind-blowing. Don’t Mess With My Daddy gives us an amazing experience that’s hard to get from any other place.

PeaNudda DaProblem is a different kind of hip-hop artist. Where every other artist is focused on themselves he is turning up the heat with his kids which is good to see and inspiring to all of us. The passion he has as a single parent is truly wonderful.

‘Don’t Mess With My Daddy’ caught my ear, an energetic and inspiring track with utterly deep lyricism behind it – nothing but real, in my opinion, and really is the only kind of music we search for. The title track is classic hip hop – the video as well, fresh but familiar, with an unforgettable hook that seems to span a little deeper. The bottom line is you need to hear this for yourself. And you won’t be disappointed.

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