This is quite simply a brilliant song, with a quality vibe to accompany it. The cast plays out the attitude of this music flawlessly. Dark Banshee is one of the amazing, talented, and clever artists who are just 18 years old. “Don’t Make Me Go” is another magnificent track produced by Dark Banshee. This amazing soul is a record producer, DJ, and musician from Mexico City who has worked with Netflix, Cirque du Soleil, and film directors. He started his career in 2020 playing at the opening show of Drake Bell’s concert in Mexico City. 

In December 2020 he released the album “Fire Out” which was his first official release, the album made him known worldwide and many producers, artists, and recording studios recognized him as a prodigy of music production. His collaborations include El Bananero, Metrøm, PPalepink, Flore & countless others. He has worked for several film projects including House of Cards (by Netflix), Adam and The Water (by Mathew Appleby), Voces Anónimas (by Guillermo Lockhart), and many more.

Don’t Make Go’ features some really imaginative and powerful lyrics throughout, and once again, incredible vocals from the singer.  Without a doubt, superb songwriting, fantastic production all over and you might listen to this more than once for sure. As the audience, we felt a great sense of peace, even relief when I first heard Forgotten Lights. The musical simplicity of it was baffling, as it really hits hard, both emotionally, and just in general how damn good it is.

An outstanding track from a superbly talented producer, musician, and songwriter. We’ve heard a lot of great music over the years and this is also something magnificent. Dark Banshee has very well done his job as a young artist. 

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