It’s a personal song, by all accounts, but it’s one that many audiences are likely to be able to relate to. The positive energy and overall output of the song suit the subject matter well, and it is, without a doubt, a song that will get caught in your mind pretty easily – perhaps even after just one listen. il-Luminous has recently released his new awesome track “Don’t Give up this Love” to all the audience out there. 

il-Luminous is from Sydney, Australia, and started as a bedroom music producer and being passionate about songwriting and music production, he spent years experimenting and learning how to use song to express his perspective on life. Releasing “Don’t Give up this Love” is another milestone of il-Luminous’ life for sure.

Nicely produced and presented, The mellow moments within the song are hugely effective, he makes the build-up to those bigger, more energetic parts much more exciting. The hook itself joins together a simple chord progression and an equally simplistic yet instantly memorable melody. The track has been produced in a way that really brings out the energy of those bigger moments brilliantly, and still highlights the quieter, more reflective moments with equal power.

The track has been written, crafted, performed, and produced with unquestionable skill and attention to detail, but perhaps much more than this; with every sound and every line expressed there is a distinct level of passion, and this makes it all feel like something very true to the nature of those involved. It adds a huge amount of value to be able to hear this, to be able to detect the love of music, and the love portrayed in the lyrics as well.

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