Don’t Cha Know is initially compressed into a side-chaining pattern that guarantees it’s a throbbing, breathing, living mix, and it boasts some supremely laid-back vocals from Miss Wallace that complement the summary synths nicely. Empress J’s rap contribution comes about halfway through the song, which complements the track.

Miss Wallace is a new face hailing from New York city. Although she is new to the industry, her voice and music production don’t seem apprentice-like as it is of professional quality. Don’t Cha Know is the fifth single Miss Wallace released on Youtube, and it seems more promising than the previous ones.

“Don’t Cha Know,” which is reminiscent of 80s music, relies on smart production chops around the vocals to keep the song’s storyline moving ahead. Don’t Cha Know is ultimately a dancehall pop fusion hit at its core, with a distinctive vocal delicacy – soulful, breathy, and intimate, emotive, and touching as a result.

Don’t Cha Know, which barely makes it over the two-minute mark, gives a nostalgic type of genuineness in vocal presence. We hear identity in the tone, revelation in the lyrics, and humility in the delicately mixed finish all at once.

Weave in a multi-colored soundscape, and the finished single begs you to turn up the volume – to escape into the enveloping quiet and ‘color’ of the music and to swiftly replay the entire thing when it comes to an end way too soon.

Enchanting and readily relaxing — beautifully composed, played, and produced. Hopefully, more of Miss Wallace’s music is likely to be released.

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