Fast-paced summer vibes pour through with a quickly catchy hook as this multi-colored anthem from T-World hits the airwaves.

This Gatineau, Canada-based artist is a producer, songwriter, guitarist, and singer. T-World was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 3. When he was young, his integration into social life was difficult. Making friends was not part of his reality until he was 14 years old.

Discovering Shakespeare’s poetry was a turning point for T-World to become a poet and a songwriter. When he felt terrible, T-World used to write poems in his notebook, which turned into songs later.

Today, T-World wants to share his story with the world and show that no matter what happens, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE though you are different as long as you believe in yourself. Every dream can become a reality, and he is here to prove it to you all. His dream is to live in his passion, which is music. he also wants to own his label and raise public awareness on Tourette’s syndrome.

Uniquely pair sound design backs up this fast-paced outpouring. Dominos offers a mellow and creative track to support the sheer high-energetic and faultless words. By mixing together dreamlike, light synth riffs, contrastingly heavy, dirty bass lines, and details.

Consistently resolving back to the hook that is the title concept, relatable and catchy, the track features verses in between these moments that leave you keen to sift back through the lyrics for the work’s roots. Freestyle-like and refusing to slow down, T-World has a clear level of identity to his style – reigniting and weaving in a creatively fresh musical backbone at the very same time.

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