This Poland based producer 2SHER launched a brand new video “DNCFLR” to all the audience out there with a great vibe. The video is visually bold and beautifully artistic, not your average house music or dance video at all – a really nicely done bit of cinematography, the colors alone are mesmerizing.

It’s a pretty stunning track on its own, to be fair, I’ve listened relentlessly to this one over the past few days – you can really turn it up loud and get lost in the music and the soundscape. Essentially though, what it does is force you to form ideas, to make up lyrics as you involve yourself in it, which is just fantastic – exactly the kind of effect producers and beat makers should be looking to achieve if they hope to collaborate with other people. The possibilities beyond just the music are endless, and that’s what makes him a great producer.

Everything shines brightly in this awesome track – the work put into it has clearly been thought through, looked over, and essentially made to count. Later on, as you get further into the track, the vocal performances are sensational. The key change adds this whole new dynamic, bringing the track smoothly but surely forward from the peacefully mellow to the passionately massive. The outro builds and builds, then appropriately fades out as it rides along on a pretty incredible vocal note; one that blends so very well with the end of the music.

It’s such a strong track, even with all the technical details aside; genre, style, direction – the fact of the matter is, it’s a track you can turn on, turn up, and get completely lost in. It’s a beautiful performance, woven stylishly into a lush-sounding piece of music. There’s a whole lot about it that feels brand new – he’s an artist you’d want to do well, purely because of that something special that’s been created through the sound and the performance.

The remix is really well done, a great fusion of both the songwriting aspect and the basic good vibes of house music – nothing is left behind, and everything is simply enhanced and highlighted. It sounds great, and the video is brilliantly shot and soaked in a certain sort of creativity. 2SHER undoubtedly has a style to his sound and performance that is fresh and exciting. Well worth checking out. 

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