Jonjo Yano, Nottingham-based artist & producer found his passion for music from a young age, growing up listening to Led Zepplin, Metalica, and fondest and favorites Moby & Beck. equipped with his blueprint to life, Jonjo grew up also addicted to skateboarding, Kerrang, cartoons, and bathed himself in the punk/grunge scene.  Having gained his degree in sound engineering and worked as a studio producer recording bands as well as emerging in a mix of renowned bands himself in his youth. Jonjo decided to switch it up creatively in late 2017, taking him down the track of making his own sub-genre of grunge & metal influenced by modern trap music

“Dizzy” is one of the magnificent tracks that you are going to listen to and we are pretty sure you all will love the vibe, flow and melody of the track as the audience. Finding yourself blissfully lost in an ocean of videos and tracks that you never knew existed is a pretty effective way to know if an artist is doing something special. Jonjo Yano

has been releasing music that is creatively free for quite some time now, and on top of the audio adventure, his lyricism and flow are incredible – ever impressive and more than worth the time it takes to experience.

The structure of the song itself means that at the same time as this hypnotic, comforting ambiance is continuously surrounding you, things are kept ever-changing elsewhere. You never tire of the unfolding story, there’s always something new and interesting to look out for, and that switch from the melancholy of the verse to the slightly left of joyful chorus makes for something memorable and fresh. There’s plenty of nostalgia in the sound, but there’s also an abundance of individuality, of new ideas from an unpredictable perspective.

Jonjo Yano is already achieving an international status as a live artist; touring across Asia and Europe Jonjo Yano’s music has already reached over 150k collective streams within the first year and achieving all this by himself along with features & radio plays from DUMMY MAGAZINE (UK), LIL SOY SAUCE (USA), LEMON FRESH (USA), EARMILK (USA), TOFU (CA), WONDERLAND (UK), BBC RADIO (UK) YUNG CORTEX (lil peeps producer). 

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