I’ve never heard a brighter, more optimistic song of unrequited love than DIVIDED” by “ROSS EDWARDS”. The piece begins with a slightly melancholic tinkle of soundscape — quickly giving way to sweeping instrumentals. It’s a sound that brings you home and comforts you, readying you for the well-polished whisper of ROSS EDWARDS’s voice as he carries you through a love song you can’t help but love back.

ROSS EDWARDS is an artist working hard and fast to make a name for himself. His music has a partly nostalgic feel to it – comforting, familiar yet fresh – and it also partly leans in some totally new direction. The beat on this single is a big part of what gives it so much character. It’s an upfront force of rhythm that you really notice throughout the experience. In most cases, the beat would simply ride along as the backbone, necessary yet not drawing too much attention to its own elements. In this case, you appreciate the unique quality of the drum line as much as everything else that surrounds it.

Undeterred, the song rolls on happy and bright as a cheerful chorus you can’t help but sing along. With a simple and catchy chorus – coupled with undeniably rap verses; DIVIDED” is impeccably arranged and flawlessly performed. In a landscape of overproduced, underwritten flavors of the week, ROSS EDWARDS

provides a profound respite in simply good music. We are pretty sure that this whole thing will attract you within a minute and you all will fall for the same.

With a production quality second to none, this awesome soul that has such clear chemistry together, and an amazing sound that makes music art again in a generation where that seems so scarce: ROSS EDWARDS is exactly the singer to make you remember what it is to be human. Every note is flawlessly hit. Every aspect of ROSS EDWARDS’s sound is perfectly cobbled together to make a beautiful, terrifying, screaming, soaring single built to wake a generation asleep at the wheel. Along with this awesome track this amazing soul has released one of the most unique, attractive videos which will make you emotional. 

In addition to the musical strengths of the song, the concept is of course a crucial part of what makes a song connect, regardless of genre. The lyrics during the verses appear in a recognizable way, feeling relatable, addressing experiences of love and realness. Consistently within the lyrics though are these images and references to the dark and the light, the underlying sentiment of shadows fading. The idea is presented subtly but surely, so by the time the hook hits, you expect it, you’ve anticipated it, and it satisfies in the right kind of way. ROSS EDWARDS’s vocal tone and performance style present this sort of song perfectly well.

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